The Excitement Of Sex

Are you looking for a new exciting way to have sex? Depending on your own personal circumstances, I can think of many exciting ways to have sex whether you are playing with someone else or are a solo player. When it comes to the way we have sex, things are changing so fast that even London escorts find it hard to keep up. I can think of many London escorts who find that keeping up with the latest sexual innovations is next to impossible.

So, if you feel that you are not up to speed on exciting ways to have sex, what are the innovations that you should look out for? For instance, are London escorts going to find themselves replaced by sex dolls one day? I never thought that London escorts would face a sex doll challenge, but that day seems to becoming closer. Sex dolls have come down in price over the last two years and you can now even order personalised sex dolls from a company in Barcelona in Spain. That is something that I never thought would happen, but today it is a reality. I have a couple of clients who have actually ordered sex dolls and they think that they are a great idea. Most sex dolls are interactive and will actually interact with you.

What about remote control sex apps? More of us than ever before are living in remote relationships. Some of us have not even met are partners. I have lost count of how many London escorts only have virtual boyfriends. That means they hook up on Facebook or even in games such as Second Life. As far as sex is concerned, many London escorts have really embraced technology and invested in remote control sex toys.

Remote control sex toys used to be rather naff and very expensive. But, thanks to new technology, you can now even control your girlfriend’s vibrator from your phone. I never thought that was something that was going to happen but for many couples it is a great way to pursue their sex lives. I know of London escorts who simply do not bother to have a real life boyfriend any more. They simply hook up with someone online for sexy fun.

Do we attach less importance to sex? I used to think that we did but I am not sure any longer. Many girls who like to have a lot of sex think that we are more open minded about sex than ever before. Perhaps that would explain why there are so many London escorts agencies around. Almost every borough of London seem to have at least a couple of escort agencies. If you are not up to speed on all of the latest sexy news and innovative adult tips, please feel free to contact your nearest London escorts service. I am sure that the girls will be delighted to bring you up to speed on hot and sexy tips for adults.